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How To Record Your iPhone or iPad Screen in iOS 11

Prior to iOS 11 the only way of  recording your iPhone or iPad screen was hooking your device up to a computer and using QuickTime Player. In iOS 11 Apple has finally given an easy way to record your devices screen. They’ve added a native screen recording tool. You not only can record the screen […]

How To Manage The New Dock On Your iPad

When Apple released the iOS 11 update they brought a much improved user experience when it comes to the iPad. The first thing that jumps out at you is the new dock. Not only does it house far more apps, it also improves multitasking, allowing iPad users to open apps and switch between them. The […]

When Should You Declare Email Bankruptcy?

Have you ever felt so overwhelmed by email that you just wanted to delete your account and start fresh?   Over the past several months I’ve had many co-workers tell me that their inbox is so full they can’t manage it. My advice to all of them has been declare email bankruptcy and move on. […]

A New and Easy Way To Free Up Space in iOS 11

Are you looking for a quick and easy way to free up space on your iPhone and/or iPad? In iOS 11 Apple did just that! The suggested options can give more storage on your device, often immediately. New Storage Menu In the new iPhone/iPad storage menu located in the Settings app, Apple includes a “Recommendations” […]

What Did Apple Announce on Tuesday?

Apple announced the most highly anticipated iPhones yet at the big event on Tuesday. The high-end model known as the iPhone X (pronounced iPhone ten), with a screen that stretches from edge to edge and gets rid of the home button that’s been on all iPhones since 2007.   iPhone X The phone features  a […]

How to Prepare for the iOS 11 Apocalypse

When Apple released information on iOS 11 in June they did so using a video of an Apocalypse which is coming. With the impending release of iOS 11 Apple will no longer support 32-bit apps. This means that many of your existing apps on your iPhone and iPad won’t work once you install the update. […]

What is iCloud Keychain and How To Use it

If you’re unfamiliar with iCloud Keychain, it’s a way to store all of your logins, passwords, credit card details and personal information across all of your iOS devices. It seems like we need some kind of password or login for every website we visit. If you’re trying to stay secure you probably have loads of […]

How To Use Reader Mode in Safari on the iPhone and iPad

Safari Reader Mode is a great feature! Safari Reader Mode removes all the clutter of a webpage so you can focus on the content you’re reading. You can even change the font, font size and page color to suit your reading habits and vision. How To Enable Reader Mode Safari Reader is only available when […]