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What To Do If You Forget Your Apple ID And Password?

If you want to log into iCloud, download something from iTunes or the App Store, you’ll need to know your Apple ID and Password. If you can’t remember your password, you can reset it using the web browser on your iPhone, iPad or Mac. What if you forget your Apple ID? Apple has a way […]

How To Clearly Manage iCloud Storage and Backup

When you get right down to it: Apple doesn’t give you much in the way of free iCloud Storage Backup (5GB), and most people don’t want to shell out the cash to pay for it. So what are you to do? First you’ll want to clear some cloud space and delete those unnecessary backups! Check […]

How to Stop Bluetooth Auto-Play In Your Car

When You start your car and your bluetooth connects to your iPhone are you immediately startled by blaring music, podcasts or audiobooks as they auto-play! As car manufacturers and Apple have strived to make our cars as smart as possible, occasionally crazy things start to happen. Like your car blaring music or your latest audiobook […]

How To Collaborate with Others in the Notes App

Apple keeps making the stock Notes app more and more powerful with each new version of iOS. With all of these improvements the Notes app is a no brainer choice to store notes, ideas, checklists, store lists and any other information for free. Apple added passcode and Touch ID protection so you no longer have […]

5 iPhone and iPad Tips You Need To Know

So many of us want to focus on the new cool features that come out with every iOS system update. Why do we do that? Well for the most part we’ve had these devices for many years and there’s still so much about them we don’t know. Truth be told there are far more important […]

How To Use Apple’s Airdrop On The Iphone And Ipad

What is Apple’s Airdrop? Apple Airdrop allows you to share photos, videos, websites, locations and more with people nearby who have an Apple device. Airdrop is extremely cool and useful, but unfortunately, it’s one of the features most people don’t know about. Airdrop makes sharing files, expecially photos, much easier. Most of the time when […]

What is and How To Use Voicemail Transcription

In iOS 10, Apple has added voicemail transcription. It’s still fairly early in the process, meaning that not everything will transcribe as clearly as you may want or need. It works well enough to get the gist of the message without having to hear the audio first. How Voicemail Transcripts Work Most major US carriers […]

The 5 Best Accessories For Your iPhone and iPad

Here at Tips For iOS, I’ve spent many hours over the past few years trying out many different accessories to find the best ones. In this guide I’ll give you my top picks when it comes to cases, cables, car gear, headphones and speakers. iPhone Cases My Pick for Most People Most people want a […]