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Get Excited for Email on the iPhone and iPad

When I got my first email address, I thought it was the coolest thing ever! I guess I didn’t know any better. I didn’t realize that my Inbox would be flooded with ads, newsletters and messages on a daily basis. Eventually I couldn’t keep up and then my Inbox became a nightmare. I’ve tried many […]

How To Record Video, Slo-Mo and Time Lapse

Although we’ve covered numerous posts on still photography, your iPhone and iPad aren’t just good at taking stills. It also takes great video. If you have one of the older iPhones you can record standard video at 60 fps (Frames Per Second), and the newer models can do 4K at up to 30 fps. You […]

How To Creatively Organize Your Home Screen

Have you spent more than a minute searching and hunting for an App across your home screens? With thousands of apps at our fingertips, they can quickly overtake our screens. Trying to find them among the colorful icons and folders can certainly be time consuming. Is this really the best way to organize your smartphone? […]

How To Use Smart Adjustments in Photos

Smart adjustments in the Photos App let you automatically, and precisely enhance your images. You can change the light, color, and turn any photo into a black and white version with a swipe, or change brightness, warmth and other details. It’s completely up to you. How to Auto-Enhance Images 1. Launch the Photos App on […]

iPad Only Gestures You Need To Know

Do you think you know your iPad inside and out? I’m sure you’re well aware of double tapping on your Home Screen to see all of your open apps, pinch to zoom in or out and swiping,  but there are a lot more hidden gestures that you may not know about. These multitouch gestures are […]

How to Free Up Space on Your iPhone or iPad

One of the challenges I hear about most often: How do I free up more space on my iPhone or iPad? Many people purchase the entry level iPhone/iPad, which gives you 16GB of storage space. You would think that would be enough. Then you start taking tons of photos, downloading numerous apps and the next […]

Everything You need To Know About iCloud vs iCloud Drive

Do you wonder why your iPhone or iPad sometimes says, “You haven’t backed up in 20 days” or “Your iCloud Backup cannot be completed because you do not have enough storage?” Here’s a simple explanation on iCloud Backup What is iCloud Backup iCloud is a collection of online services that are provided to you from […]

Simple Tips to Multitasking on the iPad

In iOS 9 Apple introduced a new feature for the iPad. It changed the way we use our tablets. This feature makes it much easier to use the iPad as a serious computer replacement. The feature which has been much desired is Multitasking. There are three different aspects to multitasking, Split View, Slide Over, and […]