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A Walkthrough of the 2 Most Useful Features in iOS 9.3

Hopefully by now you’ve updated to iOS 9.3. There are a slew of small hidden features and bug fixes. Here’s what you should be most excited about. ◆ Night Shift ◆ Password Protecting Notes ◆ Bonus Tip below Video: Saving Still Images from Live Photos (iPhone 6s and 6s Plus) Check out the video below […]

How To Easily Customize Your Today View In Notification Center

The Notification Center makes it easy to view important information like missed calls/texts, reminders, alerts from apps and so much more. In iOS 8 Apple introduced the ability to customize the Today view with widgets, including ones from 3rd party developers. You can use these widgets to get information and quickly respond to it. Like […]

How to Use the Weather App and My Favorites

Are you weather junkie? I have a confession to make. I am! I obsessively check the weather several times a day on my iPhone, the problem is the stock weather app is not always accurate. Issues like wrong time, and wrong temperature can be frustrating. I have a couple of Weather Apps that I really […]

Super Useful iMessaging Tips You Should Know

iMessage is the built in instant messaging service from Apple. It lets you send text, picture, video, sound, and location quickly and easily to anyone else using iMessage on iPhone, iPad, Mac, or Apple Watch. On the iPhone, it lives alongside SMS and MMS, so you can keep in touch with non-Apple friends from the […]

How to Navigate Photos on Your iPhone and iPad

This week I’d like to continue our photography theme and take a look at the iOS Photos App. The Photos app keeps all your pictures and video’s together in one place. This makes them easier to find if you want to look at them, edit them or show and share them with anyone else. Apple […]

How to Take Beautiful Photos With Your iPhone

Do you carry your iPhone with you at all times? Then you have the best point and shoot camera available! Because the best camera is the one you have with you! Your iPhone might not have all the capabilities of your compact camera. But it is capable of shooting extraordinary photos. If you want proof take […]

How to Improve Your iPhone Battery Life

Anyone who’s used the iPhone on a regular basis, knows how powerful and fun these devices are. Well that power and fun comes with a price: Battery Life. Especially if you’re a power user, you’ll need to charge your iPhone almost every day. There are many ways to conserve battery life but many of these […]

How To Master These Awesome Quick and Easy Keyboard Tips

Our keyboards are our lifeline. We use our iOS devices on a daily, more likely hourly basis or maybe more.  We text, email, and share Facebook statuses  Wouldn’t it be great if we could speed up and be more proficient at using the keyboard?  In this week’s video episode I’ll go over some common keyboard […]