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How to Fix an App That Suddenly Stops Responding

  One of the most annoying things when using your iPhone, iPad, or iPod touch is having an app crash. This is when an app suddenly quits, unexpectedly closes, stops responding, or you can’t open an app after an iOS upgrade. Here I’ll offer you 5 solutions, in order of simplicity to fix an app […]

How To Create and Use Photo Albums in iOS

The Photos App on the iPhone and iPad gives you easy access to all of your pictures and videos. Apple has even generated a set of Albums for you, All Photos, selfies, panoramas, videos, slow mo, time-lapse, screenshots, and recently deleted. While you’re unable to change or delete the Apple generated albums you can certainly […]

How To Print From Your iPhone and iPad

So You want to print from your iPhone or iPad and your just not sure where to begin. No problem! This is where Apple’s proprietary wireless printing technology shines. AirPrint, allows you to print from your iOS device with a compatible AirPrint printer, with a touch of a button. The cost of a new printer […]

How to Restore from an iCloud Backup

Restoring an iCloud backup isn’t as clearly defined as backing up your iphone. There is no “Restore” button anywhere in the settings options. You’ll only want to do this if there is a problem with your device and you have to restore to the original settings or you purchase a new iPhone and want to […]

How to Properly Backup Your iPhone data

Backing up your iPhone data is important to keep your data safe. There are two methods: iTunes on your computer and iCloud. ICloud is Apple’s Cloud storage and gives you the ability to sync between multiple iOS devices and your Mac. You can rest assured that your data is restorable using these methods. To keep […]

How to Create a More Secure Passcode for Your iPhone and iPad

Raise your hand if you haven’t set up a passcode on your device?  You might think that takes too much time or you just don’t want to be bothered. If your phone is ever lost or stolen you will be very glad to have set up this option. Apple has long protected the iPhone with a […]

A Walkthrough of the 2 Most Useful Features in iOS 9.3

Hopefully by now you’ve updated to iOS 9.3. There are a slew of small hidden features and bug fixes. Here’s what you should be most excited about. ◆ Night Shift ◆ Password Protecting Notes ◆ Bonus Tip below Video: Saving Still Images from Live Photos (iPhone 6s and 6s Plus) Check out the video below […]

How To Easily Customize Your Today View In Notification Center

The Notification Center makes it easy to view important information like missed calls/texts, reminders, alerts from apps and so much more. In iOS 8 Apple introduced the ability to customize the Today view with widgets, including ones from 3rd party developers. You can use these widgets to get information and quickly respond to it. Like […]