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How to Fix iPhone Or iPad Problems with these 2 Easy tips

Have you ever had trouble with your iPhone or iPad being sluggish or the App Store freezing and not downloading your apps. Well I have a simple fix for both of those issues.

Sometimes a problem with the cache in the iOS App Store leads to the Apple Store app not working properly. If you have no idea what Cache is, you really don’t need to. This tip will work with many of the pre-installed Apple apps, including App Store,  iTunes, Ibooks, and the Apple Watch app.

You probably already know that it’s a good idea to restart your phone on a regular basis, by holding down the power button and the home button until the Apple logo appears. It gives the phone time to flush out the RAM. You can also double tap on your home button and swipe up on the preview of any iOS apps to close it down, which can also help speed up your phone. But if your apps are still wreaking havoc or your iPhone is really sluggish these two simple tips can do wonders. Click on the video below to get started!




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  1. Phyllis

    Great tip “L” , I don’t have to panic when the phone moves slow any more!!!

    1. Ellen

      Thanks so much Phyllis!! I’m glad you’re feeling more comfortable with your iPhone!

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