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How to Improve Your iPhone Battery Life

Anyone who’s used the iPhone on a regular basis, knows how powerful and fun these devices are. Well that power and fun comes with a price: Battery Life. Especially if you’re a power user, you’ll need to charge your iPhone almost every day.

There are many ways to conserve battery life but many of these involve having to make a choice between turning off services and features that make the iPhone cool to use.

In this week’s video I’ll give you some great tips to save battery life but not at the expense of the cool features.



Bonus Tip:

Enable Low Power Mode: When push comes to shove you can always enable low power mode and save lots of battery life. This feature is very useful when your phone is down to less than 30%. With the flip of a toggle switch it basically disables the battery killers, until you can fully charge your iPhone. Go to Settings–Battery–Flip Low Power toggle to on.




What battery saving tips and tricks do you have? Share them in the comments section below.

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  1. Phyllis

    Thanks “L” you are definitely speaking to me since I have been utilizing the iPhone more.

    1. Ellen

      You’re welcome Phyllis. I’m glad the tips are helping you.

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