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How to Prepare for the iOS 11 Apocalypse

When Apple released information on iOS 11 in June they did so using a video of an Apocalypse which is coming. With the impending release of iOS 11 Apple will no longer support 32-bit apps. This means that many of your existing apps on your iPhone and iPad won’t work once you install the update.

iOS 11

You may have already noticed when opening certain apps and games a pop up appears. Warning you that the app needs to be updated to work with iOS 11. You can tap on OK and the app will continue to work until you update to the new iOS. If it’s an app that’s popular the developer will probably update it before the release, otherwise you will no longer find it in the App Store.

Why the Switch to 64-bit

32-bit and 64-bit in simple terms, refers to the amount of data a processor can handle. Since 64-bit processes more data at a time than 32-bit, you get much faster performance.

If you have an older device you will not be able to update to the new iOS. This includes the iPhone 5, 5c and any older models.

If you have a newer device and are still using 32-bit apps you’ll need to update the apps to make sure you can still use them. Some developers have already released new versions. You’ll need to check the App Store.

How to Find Your 32-bit Apps

Apple has made it easy to find the 32-bit apps.

On your iPhone or iPad go to Settings > General > About and then look for Applications.


If you don’t have any 32-bit applications tapping on Applications will do nothing. But if you see an arrow on the right side of Applications, then tap on it and you will see a list of your 32-bit apps.

battery app

What if my Favorite Apps are on the list

Sadly there’s not a whole lot you can do. Many of them have been abandoned by the developer and they have no intention of updating them. You might want to try and find an App that is similar and will do what you need it to. Hopefully you’ll find and app that will replace your favorites or maybe even stumble upon a better one.

What Devices Support iOS 11

Listed below you’ll find a screenshot that details the devices that Apple says will be able to upgrade to the new iOS 11. It’s no coincidence that all of these devices run on the 64-bit platform.

iOS 11 Compatible Devices

Do you have any 32-bit apps on your device? Which ones are they and do you think they’ll receive an update to 64-bit?

If you have any questions leave them in the comment section below or shoot me an email.

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