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How to Take Beautiful Photos With Your iPhone

Do you carry your iPhone with you at all times? Then you have the best point and shoot camera available! Because the best camera is the one you have with you! Your iPhone might not have all the capabilities of your compact camera. But it is capable of shooting extraordinary photos. If you want proof take a look at Apples “Shot with the iPhone” campaign. Although these photos were shot with the 6s, that doesn’t mean you can’t take stunning photos with your iPhone. Learning these few simple tips will help you get the most out of your iPhotography.

In this video I’m going to use a photo on my iMac screen. While not the optimal format, it will show you how to set this up on your iPhone.



Bonus Tip:

Restore Deleted Photos:

Sometimes you delete a photo by mistake! All is not lost. Your iPhone stores deleted photos for 30 days before actually deleting them. To view deleted photos and video’s, Open the Photos App, tap on the Albums option, scroll down until you see “Recently Deleted”. Once open hit “select” at the top right of your screen. Check the files that you want to recover, then click on recover. There is also an option to delete permanently if you’d like files gone before the 30 day deadline.






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