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How to Use the Weather App and My Favorites

Are you weather junkie? I have a confession to make. I am! I obsessively check the weather several times a day on my iPhone, the problem is the stock weather app is not always accurate. Issues like wrong time, and wrong temperature can be frustrating. I have a couple of Weather Apps that I really like. One is free, the other has many features, so I’m willing to pay.

In the video below I’ll go over setting up Apple’s weather app and what I like about Yahoo Weather and Dark Sky.



Yahoo Weather and Dark Sky are available from the App Store.

Do you have a favorite weather app? Let me know in the comments section below.

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  1. Jocelyn Nigro

    Thanks, Ellen! I love the weather apps and might just have to try Yahoo and Dark Sky! I never uses the C/F function-good to know!

    1. Ellen

      You’re welcome Josie! I think you’ll love either one. They both are great!

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