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How To Effectively Use Do Not Disturb in iOS 12

With iOS 12, Apple has given users some exciting new features around it’s Do Not Disturb options. With Do Not Disturb, your iPhone or iPad will keep collecting all of your alerts, but will do it quietly. Whether you’re at the movies, a romantic dinner or simply trying to get your rest. When your event […]

How To Control and Customize Grouped Notifications

One of the coolest new features in iOS 12 is the new Grouped Notifications! It’s totally automatic! There are new settings that let you customize options that don’t suit you. Customize Notifications From Notification Center Before iOS 12, each notification came across the screen individually. Now they’re automatically grouped together and we can control them. […]

Beyond Siri: How To Use Dictation On The iPhone and iPad

Siri Dictation is one of the most powerful features in iOS and it’s often overlooked. Talking to Siri may be hit or miss but Apple has really come a long way when it comes to Siri. You can talk to your iPhone or iPad and have it turn to text for anything that takes text […]

How To Prepare Your iPhone or iPad For Sale

Next month Apple will be announcing new devices. We’re not exactly sure what will be announced but you can bet there will be new iPhones and there are rumors that new iPads will be announced too. Maybe you’re thinking a new upgrade is in your future. Putting up your old iPhone for sale is a […]

How To Quickly Edit Screenshots in iOS

I don’t know about you but I take a lot of Screenshots. In iOS 11 Apple has made it really easy to see what you screenshot and allow you to add text, vector shapes, doodles and even zooming in to emphasize it more. You won’t even have to dive into the Photos app to edit. […]

How To Get The Most Out Of The Reminders App

If you haven’t taken advantage of the Reminders app. You are really missing out! Did you know that reminders can be time based, location based and you can even request Siri to remind you. With reminders, you can keep track of your to-dos, when and where you do them. Use reminders for groceries, vacations, projects […]

How To Reclaim Storage On Your iOS Devices

What is this mysterious “Other” storage on your iPhone and iPad? Why is it taking up so much storage and how do you reclaim it. The “Other” category on your iPhone and iPad, is where caches, setting preferences, voice memos, saved messages and other data are stored. With a few handy tips, you can reduce […]

How To Wrestle And Control Autocorrect On iOS

The iOS keyboard’s autocorrect feature is intended to be a timesaver, checking spelling and automatically fixing mistakes as you enter text.  Sometimes we send messages without realizing how embarrassing they are. We’ve all had our “Damn You Autocorrect” moment. Here’s the good news: You actually have a lot of power over the autocorrect feature in […]