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How To Get The Most Out Of The Reminders App

If you haven’t taken advantage of the Reminders app. You are really missing out! Did you know that reminders can be time based, location based and you can even request Siri to remind you. With reminders, you can keep track of your to-dos, when and where you do them. Use reminders for groceries, vacations, projects […]

How To Reclaim Storage On Your iOS Devices

What is this mysterious “Other” storage on your iPhone and iPad? Why is it taking up so much storage and how do you reclaim it. The “Other” category on your iPhone and iPad, is where caches, setting preferences, voice memos, saved messages and other data are stored. With a few handy tips, you can reduce […]

How To Wrestle And Control Autocorrect On iOS

The iOS keyboard’s autocorrect feature is intended to be a timesaver, checking spelling and automatically fixing mistakes as you enter text.  Sometimes we send messages without realizing how embarrassing they are. We’ve all had our “Damn You Autocorrect” moment. Here’s the good news: You actually have a lot of power over the autocorrect feature in […]

These Cool Features Are Coming To Your iPhone and iPad

Apple just announced some really cool features in the upcoming iOS 12. Of all the bells and whistles these are the features that really stood out. Apple has finally given us more control over how we use our devices. It could be that you spend too much time on Facebook or you want to be […]

How To Turn On Messaging In iCloud

After waiting for nearly a year, Messages in iCloud has finally been released. You just have to enable it on your iPhone and iPad. Note: Make sure you’re updated to the newest iOS software 11.4, which became available just a few days ago. What Does it Do Messages in iCloud, syncs the messages your receive […]

How To Protect Your Facebook Data In iOS

In today’s world your data can be accessed without your explicit permission. Facebook user data was recently accessed by Cambridge Analytica in the 2016 Presidential election. This was done through a Facebook app called “This is your digital life”. The app was able to access your profile, locations, and information on friends and the content […]

How To Save Safari Webpages As a PDF in Files

Saving a webpage as a PDF to your iPhone or iPad has become an easy task. In iOS 11 you can instantly convert a webpage into a PDF and then save it to the files app for review later. Once you save the webpage as a PDF, you can edit, mark up with your personal […]

Do You Know How To Manage Your Apple ID

Your Apple ID is crucial to how you access your devices, apps and pretty much all of Apple’s services. It’s important that your password be strong and changed on a regular basis. You might consider using Two Factor Authentication to protect your Apple ID. Since you’ve read this far I’m going to assume you already […]