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How To Use Apple News On The iPhone and iPad

Are you a news junkie? I am. Apple News is the built in news app that pulls in stories and topics from a variety of different sources. We don’t want to just read the news. We want it delivered to our devices, with articles that fit our interests. Apple News offers a cleanly designed personalized […]

How To Update Your Carrier Settings On the iPhone and iPad

How many times have you seen the “Carrier Settings Update” window below on your iPhone or iPad and wonder, what the heck is this? Most of us are familiar with the Apple Updates window letting us know there’s a new version of iOS available to download. But few of us understand the notification saying there’s […]

How To Customize Your Calendar On The iPhone and iPad

Apple’s iOS Calendar App has some pretty clever tricks up its sleeves. Even if you use a different calendar service like Google or Microsoft you can link these services to your Calendar to get the most out of your daily planning. The Calendar app has lots of dedicated customizations that you can use. Here’s how […]

How To Handle iOS Mail Like A Pro

Over the years I’ve had an on and off again love affair with Apple’s stock iOS Mail app. Here are some of the tricks I’ve learned along the way. Archive vs Trash in Mail You have 2 options for getting rid of email. Archive or Trash. Archive adds deleted messages to the All Mail folder […]

Here’s What You Need To Know About The iPhone Battery Program

Right before Christmas Apple admitted that it had been slowing down some iPhones because their batteries were to old. For many people that just confirmed what they already knew: Apple was secretly slowing down phones to force you to buy a new one. Which really caused an uproar!   Apple quickly admitted that it had […]

One Of The Best Features in iOS 11: Scanning Documents

One of the most useful features in Apple’s iOS 11 is found hidden inside the Notes App, a document scanner. It works really well and makes scanning documents easy. It’s great for scanning a business card, a document you might need to sign and send via email or any piece of paper you think you […]

How To Quickly and Easily Share Your Wi-Fi Password in iOS 11

In iOS 11 Apple has made it quick and easy to share your Wi-Fi password. Wi-Fi passwords are a pain. They’re hard to remember and often to complex to easily tell someone. Now, when family and friends stop over you can automatically log them into your Wi-Fi network without revealing the password or typing it […]

How To Record Your iPhone or iPad Screen in iOS 11

Prior to iOS 11 the only way of  recording your iPhone or iPad screen was hooking your device up to a computer and using QuickTime Player. In iOS 11 Apple has finally given an easy way to record your devices screen. They’ve added a native screen recording tool. You not only can record the screen […]