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How To Control and Customize Grouped Notifications

One of the coolest new features in iOS 12 is the new Grouped Notifications! It’s totally automatic! There are new settings that let you customize options that don’t suit you.

Customize Notifications From Notification Center

Before iOS 12, each notification came across the screen individually. Now they’re automatically grouped together and we can control them.

The next time an alert appears in your Notification Center or Lock Screen. Swipe left, tap Manage . If your device supports 3D Touch, hard press on the alert and then tap the three dots in the upper right corner of the expanded notification.

Manage Notifications

A Manage Notifications pop up will appear, with two options. Deliver Quietly ensures that future alerts in this particular app will only appear in the Notification Center. (Accessed by swiping down from the top center of your screen)

Note: Selecting this option means you’ll no longer see alerts on your Lock Screen or Banner alerts on any other screen. Deliver Quietly also turns off sounds and vibrations for this app.

If you decide this setting isn’t what you need,you’ll follow instructions from above and tap Deliver Prominently and your previous settings will be reinstated.

The second option, Turn Off, completely disables all notifications within this app. Once you tap the option you will be asked to confirm that it’s what you want.

Notification Options

Expanding Alerts

To expand a stack of alerts you just need to tap on the stack. Tapping on show less collapses the stack.

Collapse Notifications

Customize Notifications From Within The Settings App

• Head into Settings

• Tap Notifications

• Select the individual app you’d like to change

• Now scroll to the very bottom and tap on Notification Grouping

• By default it’s set to automatic, which groups them intelligently. Your other options are By App, which will stack all of your notifications for that one app into a single group or Off, which reverts to classic style, showing each alert individually.

Individual Notifications


Rinse and repeat for each app you’d like to change settings for.


iOS 12 has really streamlined notifications. You can tackle each notification as it comes in, instead of having to go to the Settings app.

Grouped notifications are super useful but maybe you don’t want some of those apps to be grouped. Now, Apple has given you an option to change it.

If you have any questions or comments Drop them in the comment section.

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