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How To Save Safari Webpages As a PDF in Files

Saving a webpage as a PDF to your iPhone or iPad has become an easy task. In iOS 11 you can instantly convert a webpage into a PDF and then save it to the files app for review later.

Once you save the webpage as a PDF, you can edit, mark up with your personal touch and share it with your friends. You can even export it to your favorite reading app, such as a kindle or Adobe Reader.

I’m you haven’t done it before, you might not know this feature exists. Follow the tutorial below to see how it’s done.

How to Save a Webpage as a PDF

• Launch Safari on your iPad or iPhone

• Find the webpage you want to save

Saving Webpages as PDF

• Tap the Share icon at the bottom of the screen

• Scroll through options to find Create PDF

• Once the PDF is created, tap Done


Save PDF to Files App

• Tap Save File To…

• Select the Location you want to add your saved file

• Most likely iCloud Drive

• Now tap Add

Save to Files app

Open PDF on iPhone or iPad

• Launch Files App

• Locate saved PDF file ( it will say Safari along with date)

• Tap on the file to open

Open PDF

How To Markup PDF

• With the PDF open

• Tap on the Circled Pencil in the upper right of screen

• Choose the tool and color you want to work with (pen,highlighter,pencil, eraser,lasso, color)

• tap the Plus Sign for more options

• tap the circled pencil in the upper right to continue to scroll through the document and edit to your hearts content.

Markup PDF

Sharing the Document

• With the PDF open

• tap the Share icon (bottom left corner of screen)

• Choose the method of sharing (Messages, Email etc.)

• Tap Send

Share PDF

Changing Name of Document

• Open Files App

• Locate PDF

• Tap on just the Name of the document

Change name of PDF

• Change the Name

• Tap Done

PDF Name Change


That’s it! This little known feature is fantastic for sharing and saving information you want to access on all of your iOS devices.

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